Give a labourer his due, before his sweat dries up.

No doubt, the Quran shows the most righteous path.

The heaviest thing which will be put on the believer’s scale (on the Day of Judgement) will be good manners.

O believers! fear Allah and be in the company of the truthful.

The best (most pure) food that a man eats is that which he has earned by his hardwork.

When you give zakaat (Charity) seeking Allah’s pleasure and whoever does the same, They find their wealth increased Manifold.

If the son of Adam (the human being) had jungle’s of wealth, he would wish for a third. For nothing can fill the belly of a human except the dust of his grave.

(Allah says) remember Me (for my blessings), I shall remember you.

Being alone is better than bad company, And good company is better than being alone.

He can’t be a man of (complete) Imaan(faith), who eats to his stomach’s full while his neighbour remains hungry.

Not clearing the debt even after being capable of doing so is oppression.

A person who instills Allah’s faith in their hearts, he will be free from sadness, depression and he will be given fair (Halal) provision from places he wouldn’t have ever thought of.

It is He (Allah) who forms your shape in the wombs of the mothers as He pleases. Besides whom none is to be worshiped, the Dominant, the Wise.

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