Difference Between Friends and best Friends

Difference Between Frnds and best Frnds -
¤When Result comes:
Friends:"kitne % aaye.. ??
Best friend:"Aur duffer pass hua ki nahi.. ??
¤When you met with accident:
Friend:"Are you okay.. ??
Best Friend:"abey, Gaadi chalani aati nahi hai toh
chalata kyu hai.. ??
¤When you get into a fight:
Friend:"Leave them..
Best Friend:"Bas itna bata kiskutte ne hath lagaya.. ??>.<
¤When you ask for money:
Friend: Sorry i Don't have..
Best Friend:"Kyun Bhai..Tere baap ki shaadi hai kya.. ??
Best friend are the most precious thing you have got in your life... ♥ :))

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